All About the Technology!

How It Works

You are super. You are invincible. And you are not alone! When you decide to take the world head-on, we’ve got your back, and you become unstoppable. Start each new, bold day healthy and happy with frizz-free, flawless, fabulous-looking hair. Introducing the new Frizz Defense line of styling tools. Every dryer and styler in the collection harnesses our most powerful technology available to triumph over women’s biggest battle with hair – frizz…because the best offense is a fierce defense. When you walk out that door, we walk out with you, Fighting Frizz Together!

We love a hairbrush that gets rid of the frizz without destroying our hair! Use this brush collection with the Frizz Defense blow-dryer to increase benefits. Less frizz. More shine. Just beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

About the illustrator

Rongrong DeVoe is an international fashion illustrator based in Houston, TX serving New York, LA, Dallas, Chicago, London, Paris and beyond.